Emma Burke wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of how she got there. Her husband, Declan, tells her that she is recovering from an accident that nearly killed her. Disoriented and confused, Emma can’t recall any firm details about what happened to her or who she is. Physically, Emma slowly regains her strength, but her memory is not as quick to recover. Declan stays by her side, helping to fill in the blanks. He tells her how in love they once were, and Emma begins to fall head over heels all over again. That is, until she begins experiencing frequent nightmares and hears a woman’s voice in her head—both warning her that Declan is not who she thinks he is. 

The voice advises her to keep her dreams a secret, and soon enough, Emma learns why. When Emma ventures outside of the hospital, the mystery of her accident and her old life begins to unfold.

Maryland author M.D. Waters has made a memorable debut with Archetype. The story is carefully paced, slowly doling out clues about Emma’s situation, until, like Emma, the reader is smacked with a bombshell of a twist (or two!). Futuristic and suspenseful, it ends with a big question mark that is sure to be addressed in the sequel, Prototype, to be published in July. Combining elements of science fiction, romance and mystery, Archetype is a novel that will appeal to almost everyone.

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