The most exciting part of Carson Fender’s day was supposed to be his role in the fourth-biggest prank in Erik Hill Middle School history (it involved fainting goats). That all changed when a mysterious man pressed a mysterious package into Carson’s hands and ran away, only to be abducted by two men with painted white faces. In Codename Zero, by Chris Rylander, Carson learns quickly that crazy, frightening and awesome things can happen anywhere. Even in North Dakota.

Carson’s first task is to figure out where to deliver the package. He knows that it’s meant for someone at school, but the package makes things hard when it starts shouting warnings about “fail-safe measures” and “self-destruction.” Loudly. Every 15 minutes. From there, things get even stranger. Carson is thrust into the middle of a secret organization and must live up to his new codename: Zero. With the help of his friends, including conspiracy theorist Dillon and his sister Danielle, Carson must keep exchange student Olek safe from the strange men.

Codename Zero is a creative and exciting twist on the traditional spy novel. Readers will find themselves cheering for Carson as he learns not just how to be Zero, but how to be himself. Filled with great characters and an outstanding, original plot, Codename Zero will jump to the top of every aspiring spy’s reading list!

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