Maya Banks is a powerhouse contemporary romance and erotica writer whose Breathless Trilogy sprinted to the top of several bestseller lists. Because Banks is renown for her explicitly steamy love scenes and suspenseful storytelling, the launch of a new series is a highly anticipated event. Her latest novel, Letting Go—the first in her new Surrender Trilogy—definitely delivers the heat. (In fact, be advised that it contains graphic erotic content à la Fifty Shades of Grey.)

Letting Go presents a powerful story of profound loss and second chances. Josslyn is three years out from the tragic death of her husband and soul mate, Carson. Her late husband’s best friend, Dash, has been her rock, but on the third anniversary of Carson’s passing, Josslyn is ready to let go of both men. She is tired of living in constant mourning and burdening Dash with her pain. Utterly clueless that Dash has been harboring a deep love for her, she announces her intent to move on, that she isn’t going to worry him anymore.

Wrecked by this dismissal, Dash heads to an exclusive club that specializes in “the darker edges of desire,” where he’s lived out his secret fantasies with women he always imagines are Josslyn. But that night, he doesn’t have to imagine her being there, since she actually walks through the door for the first time. Neither one of them would have ever imagined that the other would be into erotic role playing, but in fact it’s something they both deeply desire. It’s the one thing Carson couldn’t give Josslyn, but it’s something Dash delivers to her with expertise and authority as they begin to explore the many facets of their new physical and emotional relationship.

Fans of the Breathless Trilogy and other erotic romance will not be disappointed, as Banks has crafted a fast-paced, impossibly steamy story that will immerse readers in a taboo world where love, pain, pleasure, flaws and perfection intersect as a matter of course.

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