It was only supposed to be a haunted house. When Cole skipped trick-or-treating on Halloween night to go with Dalton and Jenna to the new haunted house in town, they didn’t know what to expect. What happened, however, was beyond any of their wildest imaginations.

In Sky Raiders, the first book in the new Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull, Dalton and Jenna are kidnapped from the basement of the haunted house and taken through a mysterious tunnel. Cole pursues them and finds himself in a place like nowhere else on Earth.

In fact, Cole and his friends are no longer on Earth—they are in the Outskirts, a collection of five kingdoms that exists between reality and imagination. After a failed escape/rescue, Cole and his friends are separated. Dalton and Jenna are sent to the High King, while Cole is sold to the Sky Raiders, where new slaves have a life expectancy of two weeks. While working for the Sky Raiders, Cole meets Mira, an unusual girl with a big secret, and helps her escape. But this is only the beginning of the dangers they will face.

Like Mull’s Fablehaven and Beyonders series, Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders is fast-paced and exciting from the first page, drawing in readers with multifaceted, strong characters and keeping them enthralled with an intricate and fascinating story. Sky Raiders will be enjoyed by Mull’s many fans, or anyone looking for imaginative worlds and nonstop action.

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