For many parents, getting the little ones to consent to sleep is a contest of wills requiring the skills of a diplomat. Fortunately, a terrific new picture book has arrived that can help families keep the peace. Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!, by mother-and-son team Dominique Roques and Alexis Dormal, shows that bedtime can be a blast, especially when the company includes a group of irresistible critters intent on making mischief.

Tucked in bed, flanked by her favorite stuffed pals, Anna Banana has her nose deep in a book despite her parents’ orders to go to sleep. Soon her fuzzy friends start to complain. They’re tired! Grizzler, Foxface, Whaley and the rest of the crew urge Anna to put out the light, but she’s too interested in her book to pay attention. When she’s finally ready to sleep, her friends give her a taste of her own medicine by pulling some pranks—a musical serenade, a sprint around the room—that make it impossible for her to snooze. After a bit of negotiating and an apology from Anna (“I’m sorry, my little peeps.”), the gang settles down for sweet dreams. Or so it seems . . .

First published in France, Roques’ appealing tale brims with late-night merriment. The story’s ebullient illustrations, presented panel-style and executed in mixed media by Dormal, bring this one-of-a-kind slumber party to life. Who knew that hitting the hay could be such fun? Once little readers become acquainted with Anna Banana, they’re bound to look forward to bedtime!

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