et the cute pompom tail. Don't be tricked by the cute twitching nose. And whatever you do, don't leave any spare carrots around when Nibbles O'Hare is in town. Nibbles is the bad boy of bunnies. He's sly. He's tricky. And he's a real wascally wabbit! This colorful book follows the adventures of Nibbles O'Hare. The story opens in Nibbles' not-so-posh basement apartment furnished by treasures from the trash, which he regularly leaves to go steal carrots and lettuce from a nearby restaurant. Nibbles' life is interrupted when the restaurant's chef decides to put WANTED signs for Nibbles all over the surrounding area.

In order to avoid being captured, he and his best buddy, Struts the pigeon, head to the country and find a small playhouse to call home. They spend a day cleaning it up and move in, only to be awoken by enraged rabbits who don't take well to strangers. Caught in a carrot, Nibbles suggests that he deserves the house because he's the Easter Bunny. The other bunnies not only believe him but agree to let him keep the small home. Nibbles is trapped into acting and behaving like the famed rabbit. The kitchen is turned into a chocolate factory, and the bunny helpers begin dying eggs en masse. Meanwhile, One-Eyed Jack finds an old WANTED poster on the side of the road, and Nibbles is caught in his own tale, so to speak. Nibbles admits he's not the Easter Bunny but decides to fulfill his commitment to deliver the goods through a rough storm, earning the fellow bunnies' approval and respect.

Nibbles O'Hare manages to escape the usual lessons and themes of redemption that fill most children's books. The story is unique, fresh and shows a bit of attitude. It's an honest reflection of a deceitful character and seems to applaud tenacity over other values. Both adults and children will enjoy the colorful artwork and funky looking bunnies. For those who enjoy the Warner Bros. classics, it's time to move over, Bugs Bunny, and make room for a little bit of Nibbles.

Margaret Feinberg is a freelance writer based in Colorado Springs. She's wanted a bunny since she was a little girl.

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