Dark fantasy writer Laurell K. Hamilton already a favorite for her books featuring vampire hunter Anita Blake raised her reputation another notch with A Kiss of Shadows, the 2000 bestseller that launched a sensual new series about the faerie world. Now Hamilton returns with an eagerly anticipated sequel, A Caress of Twilight , which takes detective Meredith NicEssus back into conflict with the supernatural and deadly Unseelie court. In the alternate reality where Meredith dwells, the royalty of the faerie kingdom have emigrated to the New World. Part human and part faerie, Meredith is a self-exiled princess of the royal family trying to make a living as a private detective in Los Angeles a difficult task since her rival for the throne is trying to kill her.

In this violent and unpredictable world, Princess Merry needs both her powers and her wits to figure out why people in Los Angeles are dying in throngs. The dark force rampaging through the city may be after Merry herself. Even with three faerie warriors at her side (and in her bed), Merry finds it tough just trying to survive, much less making sense of what's going on around her.

A supernatural Kinsey Milhone, Hamilton's Meredith NicEssus is full of spunk and daring, yet plagued by self-doubt and worry about the future (of course, Sue Grafton's famous detective never has to cope with multi-headed demons). The erotic and daring adventures of the sexy red-headed protagonist should draw even more readers into this growing faerie circle.

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