Have you danced with your little ones lately? Or learned a new song to sing with them? Even if you have, I recommend No Mirrors in My Nana's House. The syncopated rhythm of the a cappella quintet Sweet Honey in the Rock makes it impossible to sit still as you listen to their lively rendition, and it lingers long after the performance is finished. You'll find a CD of the song in the front of the book, which is actually the words to the song. Both book and song carry the message that love overcomes all obstacles. In this case a grandmother's love is so sure and complete that it creates a world of beauty for a young child growing up in poverty and squalor.

Emphasizing the point of author and lead singer Ysaye Barnwell are the vibrant illustrations by Synthia Saint James. She has painted the characters without eyes as though they are blinded by love. You stamp collectors will be reminded of last year's Kwanzaa stamp that James did for the post office.

The only problem is that after you've heard the music a time or two, you'll be singing the book each time you pick it up. It's a cappella, remember?

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