Just to prove you're not the only one who's wacko about your furry companion, we've rounded up several of the more bizarre entries in this season's new pet books. These slightly skewed selections may not be catnip for everyone, but they're nothing to sneeze at.

Is Your Pet Psychic? Richard Webster This might seem a little far-fetched at first, but if you are a real Dolittle wannabe, conversing psychically with your pet may add a new dimension to your communication skills. Webster outlines numerous tests or games that will enhance your human/animal bond while opening your eyes to a whole new world of animal awareness, enabling you, if you are successful, to communicate with animals wherever you go. Lost: Lost and Found Posters from Around the world Ian Phillips This quirky collection of actual lost and found posters from around the world, some in childish scrawl, some neatly typed, somehow transcends its picture-book format to become an oddly moving testament of the universal anguish pet owners and their pets experience, whatever language they speak, when one goes missing. The Cat That Changed My Life Bruce Eric Kaplan And finally there's an unassuming little gem full of hairball humor called The Cat That Changed My Life: 50 Cats Talk Candidly About How They Became Who They Are by hit comedy writer (Seinfeld and Six Feet Under) Bruce Eric Kaplan. Written and illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist BEK, these cat confessions are shrewd, satirical and wickedly funny. Me-YOW!

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