<B>Leaders who don't suck</B> The call to action from Bill George, the former chairman and CEO of Medtronic, seems easy, but it may turn out to be harder than fixing "sucky" marketing or fine-tuning corporate strategy. In <B>Authentic Leadership</B>, George says that being a successful leader isn't about adopting the latest style or persona, but about "being yourself, being the person you were created to be." Part biography, part Medtronic history, George's story is a return to the heart and values that today's CEOs desperately need. No one can dispute the leadership of the man who turned Medtronic into the world's leading medical technology company, but George is the first to admit his faults. The competitive Harvard MBA grad who struggled to overcome his arrogance identifies and explains the five components of an authentic leader: purpose, values, heart, relationships and self-discipline. Plenty of personal stories describe how these qualities are represented by winning CEOs and companies.

It's easy to see why George made such an inspiring leader. Not only are his timeless lessons compelling, but he also leaves the reader wanting to know more about the personal challenges and background that formed such important values.

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