The Prince of Egypt is Dreamworks Pictures' groundbreaking new animated account of the life and times of Moses. In connection with the film's release, Dreamworks Books and Christian publisher Thomas Nelson have released 12 children's books further illustrating this phenomenal life.

While the Nelson books concentrate on the biblical aspects of the Exodus, Dreamworks examines the development and characters of the film. Using the beautiful artwork from the film, parents will find an appropriate book for any age group among these outstanding new titles.

Tommy Nelson has issued five The Prince of Egypt titles for children. Eric Mextaxas's The Prince of Egypt A to Z uses charming verse for each letter as it relates to Moses's story. For example: " Z is for Tzipporah, spelled with a 'T.' Although when you pronounce it, it sounds like a 'Z'!" Nice. Mary Manz Simon offers the Timeless Values Collection. The Prince of Egypt: Moses and the Burning Bush: A Story of Faith and Obeying God  recounts the famous story of Moses's dramatic encounter with God. This story explains why it's so important that children obey rules made by those who love and care for them. Other books in this series include: Moses Crosses the Red Sea: A Story of Faith and Courage and Miriam Watches over Baby Moses: A Story of Faith and Loyalty.

A Think About It segment goes back over each story in easy-to-understand terms, and a To Talk About section answers questions children might have. Parents searching for more advanced reading material will find that these fit the category perfectly.

Charles Swindoll's The Prince of Egypt: The Exodus: Moses' Story from the Bible offers Moses's story inspired by the first 14 chapters of Exodus. Written in modern-day English, children will thrill to the inspiring adventures of Moses and his people. An avid Book of Exodus student, Swindoll has sprinkled pop-up boxes throughout, containing interesting historical background discovered during personal research. Each chapter ends with Swindoll's own observations surrounding the amazing life of Moses.

Dreamworks Publishing, an imprint of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, has published seven books that correspond with The Prince of Egypt. With The Prince of Egypt Read-Along Storybook and Tape, beginning readers follow along as actor Jeff Goldblum narrates a condensed version of the story. A 32-page booklet accompanies the 30-minute cassette, which is enhanced by background music, sound effects, dialogue, and songs from the film. Goldblum's soothing purr make this one listening enjoyment for the entire family.

The Prince of Egypt: Miriam's Gift  is a unique combination book/keepsake/journal little girls will find enchanting and inspiring. Miriam, Moses's sister, is the heroine in this story of family love and faith. A beautiful bronze pendant of baby Moses in a basket accompanies this hardbound storybook, while journal pages in the back allow space to record any personal thoughts and beliefs prompted by the story.

Brotherly love is the subject of The Prince of Egypt: Brothers in Egypt by David A. Adler. Brought up as brothers, Moses and Rameses were also best friends. When Moses learns the shocking truth regarding his identity, he must leave the only home, and the only brother, he has ever known. This story is a powerful lesson of love, friendship, and how a twist of fate can change everything.

Lynne Reid Banks, acclaimed author of Indian in the Cupboard, offers her own unique interpretation of the Moses story in Moses in Egypt: A Novel Inspired by the Prince of Egypt and the Book of Exodus . While this novel is entertaining, it is based neither on the movie's screenplay nor the biblical account, but rather the author's own vision. Older children should recognize the differences without extensive explanation. Those interested in the groundbreaking artwork from The Prince of Egypt will find excellent examples in The Prince of Egypt: Classic Edition  by Jane Yolen. The painting and colored-pencil work of artists Micheal Koelsch, Larry Navarro, Brandon Kruse, and other Dreamworks animation artists makes this classic-size edition just that: a classic.

Taking over three years to create, The Prince of Egypt is already considered an epic. Film buffs can learn just how The Prince of Egypt came to life in The Prince of Egypt: The Movie Scrapbook, An In-depth Look Behind the Scenes (all ages) by Thomasine Lewis. Storyboards, line-drawings, cast information, song lyrics, and design details make this book a fascinating insider's guide to the production of a major animated motion picture. Tips for young artists are included, as well as instructions for drawing characters from the film. Future artists and filmmakers will enjoy this book.

Through Heaven's Eyes: The Prince of Egypt in Story and Song is Academy Award-winning lyricist Stephen Schwartz's contribution to the film. (Schwartz wrote the songs while Hans Zimmer composed the score.) Complete lyrics from The Prince of Egypt are in this oversized volume, along with Schwartz's inspirations and more of the film's stunning artwork.

Each of the Prince of Egypt books offers parents a wonderful chance to discuss and reaffirm the strong lessons of loyalty, faith, and courage represented by this instant classic.

Sharon Galligar Chance is a reviewer for the Times Record News in Wichita Falls, Texas. She is the mother of four boys.

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