Cuba In Mind, edited by Maria Finn Dominguez, is a collection of essays, short fiction, reports and poems by such luminaries as Anthony Trollope, Steven Crane, Graham Greene, Langston Hughes, Elmore Leonard, Oscar Hijuelos and Andrei Codrescu. It is essentially a catchall of impressions by those who have found something to admire in the island and its people. Ernest Hemingway liked the fact that one could raise and fight cocks legally there and shoot live pigeons as a club sport. Allen Ginsberg, who was booted out of the country in 1965, was sympathetic to the Revolution's basic goals but enraged by its abuse of homosexuals. Reflecting years later on his ill-fated visit, he told a reporter, "Well, the worst thing I said was that I'd heard, by rumor, that Raul Castro [Fidel's younger brother] was gay. And the second worst thing I said was that Che Guevara was cute."

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