The National Geographic Society is uniquely qualified to produce an exhaustive and fascinating new book, The Geography of Religion. With more than 400 pages of stunning photographs, maps, illustrations and authoritative text, the writers and editors of National Geographic trace the origins and spread of the world's five great religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. More than just an incredibly beautiful coffee-table book, The Geography of Religion is part history book, part travelogue, part theology text. The authors examine the development of religion in ancient cultures as well as contemporary practices that trace their roots to ancient texts. The twin roles of conflict and persecution as a means of spreading religion are investigated. By identifying those common threads that bind the peoples of the earth together our belief in a higher being, belief that kindness rewards both the giver and the receiver, belief in a hereafter we may at last come to understand one another. Perhaps then there may truly be peace on earth.

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