Another cheerleader for the cheap and simple workout is Leslie Sansone. Her zeal for walking an easy exercise suitable for any age, shape or budget practically lifts couch potatoes off their sofas in Walk Away the Pounds. Sansone, creator of In-Home Walking and 48 highly popular fitness videos, now presents the first written game plan to her six-week program for burning fat, toning muscles and elevating mood. Basic walking steps and strength training moves are illustrated along with tips for choosing shoes and getting started. Daily Walk Log pages present each day's walking assignment, with space to jot notes about the session and a pep talk from Sansone to keep motivation high. For those who prefer video demonstrations, Sansone provides viewing suggestions to match the training goals of the week. Excellent sections on eating right, de-stressing and walking as an older adult and during or after pregnancy are also included. Sansone recommends a delay in dieting until the high from regular exercise brings about healthier eating habits naturally, making this book perfect for brain resistance training, too.

Deanna Larson is a writer in Nashville.

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