<B>It's elementary, my dear . . . </B> From finance guru Robert Kiyosaki's best-selling Rich Dad's Advisors series comes <B>The ABC's of Getting Out of Debt</B>. Garrett Sutton, a <I>Business Week</I> best-selling author and corporate attorney, offers practical advice and explains how debt and credit aren't all bad news, despite worrisome statistics. In 15 years U.S. consumer credit card debt climbed from $200 billion in 1990 to a projected $985 billion this year. With simple direction, Sutton provides a road map for winning with credit. His advice for having a written plan and avoiding identity theft are top-notch, and he aptly explains why your credit report is more important than any school report card. Using real-life examples, the author tackles the woes and blows of credit. From battling the debt collectors to reading a credit report and making repairs, Sutton's book is salve for credit wounds. Tips such as writing the credit bureau short concise handwritten letters are particularly helpful. <B>The ABC's of Getting Out of Debt</B> makes credit and debt management seem, well, almost elementary. <I>Tiffany Speaks is a former business writer for</I> Newsweek Japan <I>who does her budgeting and writing from Norman, Oklahoma.</I>

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