<b>Making poetry into child's play</b> <i>zoo's who</i> is the latest title from award-winning poet and artist Douglas Florian, whose innovative books also include <i>beast feast</i>, <i>lizards</i>, <i>frogs, and polliwogs</i> and, a popular favorite, <i>mammalabilia</i>. As always, Florian's work manages to be clever, witty and appealing. It's easy enough for children to understand, but is so inventive adults won't tire of reading and re-reading. Take this offering, entitled, The Eagle : I'm not a seagull. / I'm royal. / I'm regal. / All birds are not / Created eagle. And it's hard to resist Florian's little poem about pigs, with an accompanying illustration of a swine at table: Pigs are portly. Pigs are stout. Pigs are big on eating out. <i>Deborah Hopkinson is a writer (though not a poet) whose newest picture book,</i> Saving Strawberry Farm<i>, a story set in the Great Depression, will be released in May.</i>

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