An approach to having fun on the job is offered by Mike Veeck, son of late Hall of Fame baseball club owner Bill Veeck, and president and part-owner of six successful minor league baseball teams. "I want to love my entire life and I want my employees to feel the same way," Veeck says. Along with co-author Pete Williams, he presents the whys and hows of having fun at work in Fun Is Good: How to Create Joy ∧ Passion In Your Workplace ∧ Career.

"Fun is good" means more than spending time at work laughing and joking. Veeck shows how to create the fun, irreverence, creativity and passion that help build positive relationships and create community with co-workers and teammates. That "fun" results in better customer service and makes good business sense. The book is peppered with vignettes from accomplished business leaders who have found that Veeck's philosophy works. Maybe you can make it work for you, too.

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