The American family as we know it is changing. Nontraditional families now make up a large part of the population, with almost 10 million single mothers in the U.S. alone. This demographic will certainly be interested in Raising Boys Without Men, a fascinating study that makes a potentially controversial assertion: that households headed by a female, or females, may actually be better for boys than households with men. Dr. Peggy F. Drexler, a research psychologist and former gender scholar at Stanford, embarked on a long-term study comparing female-headed households with those that had a father present. The results that boys from female-headed households have a strong masculine identity but are emotionally stronger and better at expressing their feelings are surprising and heartening for single moms. From a sociological standpoint, this well-researched book makes interesting reading for single and married parents alike.

Katherine Wyrick lives in Little Rock and is the mother of two small children.

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