Even the most downtrodden corporate drones will believe that they have the ability to turn their unknown assets into limitless prosperity after reading the wildly optimistic and inspiring Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth. Popular authors Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen (The One Minute Millionaire) have developed the 101 Day Plan, which posits that everyone is destined for a more prosperous, abundant life right now, and that the secret lies in cracking the code to our own wealth vault. The authors examine the practical avenues sometimes populated by angels in enlightened entrepreneurship and take a bold look at how a Higher Power would run a business. Their advice is often needlessly complicated by corny and confusing acronyms and coined words like loverage, soulstorm, hundredfolding and the millionairium. But the overall ideas lead to a paradigm shift in viewing personal power, from the insight that every item in your house made someone a million dollars to the idea that only a few tiny adjustments or tweaks to any idea or business stand between okay-ness and greatness. Cracking the Code prepares people not for the get-rich-quick sprint, but for the millionaire marathon, when endless streams of brilliant ideas sparkle in infinite prisms of uses and applications, bringing personal wealth and more than enough to share with the world.

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