Journalist Stewart Dubinsky, a character who's appeared in several of Scott Turow's legal thrillers, wants to write a book. Instead, he finds a story he'd never imagined.

When his father, David Dubin, dies, Stewart discovers a packet of David's wartime letters to his fiancŽe with a note referring to his court-martial. Stewart had always known his father served as an Army lawyer in World War II, meeting his mother in a concentration camp, but the fiancŽe and the court-martial weren't part of that story. As Stewart investigates, he discovers that the lives his parents claimed to have lived were far less dramatic, and far less heroic, than the truth.

Still a working lawyer, Turow is known for intelligent, gripping thrillers that lead readers into the shadowy corners of life. In Ordinary Heroes, he dives into a different world: an Army lawyer's search for a truant OSS officer during the darkest days of the war in Europe, and a son's search for the truth about his parents.

David Dubin's former lawyer, now an elderly retired judge, gives Stewart his father's written account of his journey from loyal lieutenant to infantry captain to accused man. David is assigned to investigate and arrest Maj. Robert Martin, who pulled off a series of raids that helped turn the Allies' luck. But Martin's clash with authority brands him as insubordinate and worse. David participates in a raid with Martin's crew including an intriguing Polish girl, Gita. Following Martin's trail with his intrepid sergeant, David parachutes into ever-changing territory, then leads a weary band of survivors in the Battle of the Bulge. Still uncertain whether he's chasing a traitor or a hero, David pursues Martin into Germany, to the camp where he once again meets Gita.

A masterful, passionate storyteller who handles his latest literary challenge with assurance, Turow pays homage in Ordinary Heroes to all who ever dared pursue love or justice amid the horrors of war. Leslie Budewitz practices law and writes in northwest Montana.

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