Our identity if we're not verifying it, we're worried about someone stealing it. But what is this mysterious and elusive It ? The Identity Code: The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World is a guide to discovering the core self, written by a man who's very sure of his own identity: I am Larry Ackerman and I am driven by the need to help people to see. Ackerman, an identity management consultant, believes that identity is beautiful and it is powerful. Decipher its secret code, which is embedded in us from birth along with our biological constructs, and we will understand the why of our lives. His introductory essay debunks a currently popular identity theory: The myth of personal freedom the idea that you are at liberty to pick whatever path in life you want is the unspoken agony of the modern person. This myth, Ackerman argues, ignores an inherent order already present in life, a complex system of natural law wherein lie the seeds of identity.

Ackerman clearly presents his finely distilled Laws of Identity and their eight corresponding questions, which lead, like a well-signed path, toward self-knowledge and personal responsibility. First tackling basic queries such as, Who am I, and what makes me special? The Identity Code then turns to questions about life patterns, directions, gifts, relationships and abundance. With instructions on using an Identity Mapping Process, case studies and exercises, this commonsense workbook shines with Ackerman's compassionate desire for each individual to discover his or her precious jewel of identity and be at peace with yourself.

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