If you start off right by buying good insurance and setting up an automatic system for saving, investing and clearing debts, your finances can run themselves. From then on, it's hands off. Sound simple? It is, according to Jane Bryant Quinn in her new book, Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People. Quinn, a leading commentator on personal finance, award-winning Newsweek and Good Housekeeping columnist and author of several best-selling books on money, offers the most straightforward and sensible products and strategies she knows and uses to manage money and accumulate wealth without having to think about it.

First of all, Quinn recommends that you start saving. Even if you have a paycheck-to-paycheck life with no money to spare, she has a tried, true and simple technique to prove you wrong. And if you're already saving, she has ideas for how you can save more without feeling a pinch. She helps you assess your current situation and then provides effective strategies to get you to your financial goals in a smart way.

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