Those who want a more traditional reference guide to cleaning challenges will enjoy the perky advice and attractive design of Cleaning Plain and Simple. Donna Smallin, author of Organizing Plain and Simple, is an expert on the clean and organized life ( clean smarter not harder ), and her handbook is a sparkling example of how a well-ordered space can help you live better. Smallin recognizes that we all have different dirt tolerances and cleaning styles, so the book presents a detailed room-by-room cleaning crash course that allows quick bursts or deep cleaning sessions, always keeping in mind the hurried pace of modern lives. She helps readers maintain their living spaces first by de-cluttering, then eliminating dirt, mold, germs and dust from floor to ceiling. And she offers advice on how to properly clean everything from a toilet to a reptile's cage. The book is neatly packed with plenty of interesting sidebars (did you know there are self-cleaning windows?), allergy information, safety tips and green recipes as well as chemical-based methods for getting a house in tip-top shape, making it the perfect spring shower present for both bride and groom.

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