Independent woman versus proud parent which will it be? Proving the two roles don't have to exist in opposition, I'm Too Sexy for My Volvo: A Mom's Guide to Staying Fabulous by Betty Londergan is full of great tips on how women can retain their identities in the face of motherhood. Londergan has a spirited style and a sassy attitude, and she offers some great ideas for mothers who are struggling to find private time and maintain a sense of self. Londergan kicks things off with a word of warning for new moms: There is literally no limit to the life your kids will want you to give up so you'd better draw the line in the sand now. A little self-indulgence every now and again is OK, says Londergan in fact, it's absolutely critical. She encourages new mothers to pamper themselves, cultivate friends and hobbies, and have fulfilling romantic lives, all without feeling guilty. Each chapter of the book covers a different stage of motherhood, moving from pre- to post-pregnancy and beyond, with advice on topics like how to pick a preschool, how to monitor a child's Internet use, and how to simply say no to that darling daughter or super son. Londergan writes with cheek and humor, dispensing practical, no-nonsense advice in a fizzy, fast-paced fashion that will make harried mothers smile.

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