Prolific author James Patterson (writing here with Peter de Jonge) delivers yet again as he takes readers to the Hamptons, one of America's priciest seaside resorts. Attorney Tom Dunleavy has a small law practice in East Hampton and spends most of his time with his faithful dog Wingo. Though his star basketball career was cut short by injury, Tom still enjoys playing the game with some of the locals at the estate of an often absent movie star. One of his sparring partners is young Dante Halleyville, a surefire future NBA draft pick. But a game of basketball turns into a nightmare when one of Dante's pals threatens another player with a gun. Later that night, three young white men are brutally killed, and Dante is charged with their murder. Tom agrees to defend Dante, and he enlists the help of former girlfriend Kate Costello, a superior Manhattan attorney. Kate and Tom find themselves instantly unpopular in their community and soon are threatened by those who believe in Dante's guilt. As the evidence stacks up against Dante, Kate and Tom pull out all the stops to defend this promising athlete who vows that he had nothing to do with the murders. But will their defense succeed, and is their client truly innocent? Patterson's fast-paced, succinctly written novel is chock-full of suspense and intrigue. Tom and Kate are fabulous protagonists, former lovers and fellow attorneys who seem to be able to rise above the pitfalls of their chosen profession. The mystery behind the murders is coupled with a renewal of their romance as their professional efforts bring them closer to one another both emotionally and physically. Yet it is the riveting conclusion, with its earth-shattering revelation, that will resonate most with readers, leaving them spellbound. Sheri Melnick writes from Pennsylvania.

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