<b>Tommy's big adventure</b> <b>A Place Called Kindergarten</b>, written by Jessica Harper, certainly fits the bill. The animals on the farm are in a state because their daily visitor, Tommy, has failed to appear. His usual offerings of apples, biscuits and corn are sorely missed. But more importantly, the absence of his cheery song and friendly talk leave them feeling blue. Fortunately, the knowledgeable dog informs them that Tommy has gone in a big yellow bus to a place called Kindergarten. What ensues is a battery of questions, much like those an anxious child might pose. What is Kindergarten anyway and do you ever come back? The animals' onomatopoetic asides will amuse young readers. G. Brian Karas superbly portrays the rural setting using pencil and watercolor washes, flooding each page with warm, comforting light. Tommy's eventual return captures all the thrill of new adventure and the wonderment of learning. Harper and Karas, who also paired on <i>I Like Where I Am</i>, ably offer a tale that will reassure both parents and children.

<i>Jennifer Robinson is a teacher in Baltimore.</i>

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