Naomi Judd is nothing if not honest. In Naomi's Guide to Aging Gratefully, she shares her secrets for keeping family close, keeping romance alive and keeping mind and body nimble.

In spelling out her philosophies for living well, she also dishes out a fair amount of Judd family dirt. Daughters Wynonna and Ashley, famous performers in their own right, take a central role in the chapter titled, Children, Grandchildren and Parents, in which Naomi recounts the trio's now infamous appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show and wonders, If I say something in the woods and Wy and Ashley aren't there to hear me, am I still wrong? Still, it's clear that for Naomi Judd, family will always come first. Judd even keeps a mom line, a phone for her daughters only, which she always answers no matter the time of day. Judd's joie de vivre spills from every page of homespun wisdom. As she puts it, Shift happens, but her approach to aging makes it sound downright fun.

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