Doctors Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz, the authors behind the phenomenally successful guide to the human body You: The Owner's Manual, now turn their attention to nutrition in You: On a Diet. With their uncanny ability to easily explain the complexities of human biology, the good doctors present a commonsense, science-based diet and fitness plan (deemed waist management ) in their distinctive, lively way.

Roizen and Oz understand just how tough getting and staying in shape can be. When it comes to dieting, trying to whip fat with our weapon of willpower is the food equivalent to holding your breath under water, they write. You can do it for a while, but no matter how psyched up you get, at some point your body your biology forces you to the surface gasping for air. You: On a Diet mixes goofy-fun illustrations, suggested exercises and appealing recipes with in-depth explanations of everything from how your body processes food to the difference between healthy vs. bad fats. Roizen and Oz also uncover the chemistry behind emotional eating. Craving sugar, for example, may signal depression, while reaching for salty foods likely means a major case of stress. Armed with such useful information, the battle of the bulge may become a lot easier.

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