Do you lead your life, or does your life lead you, asks professional organizer (and InStyle and Real Simple contributor) Meryl Starr. Realizing that most of us are overwhelmed by our stuff and our to-do lists, Starr offers relief in The Personal Organizing Workbook: Solutions for a Simpler, Easier Life. This workbook jumpstarts a new, organized lifestyle by asking the deceptively simple question, What makes you happy? If you have no idea, or have lost sight of your goals, perhaps disorganization which steals the time necessary for such reflection is the culprit. It's hard to look up over those piles of papers, past our crowded closets . . . but it's crucial to realizing the fulfillment and serenity you can achieve in your everyday life, Starr says. Four easy-reference, tabbed chapters are enhanced with Thayer Allyson Gowdy's (InStyle Home) enticing color photographs (of neatly arranged interiors, handbags, desks and closets), while feasible strategies offer guidance on how to manage your possessions, to-do list, relationships and any less-than-stellar habits. Self-evaluation tools, such as questionnaires, are included to promote self-awareness the crucial foundation for lifelong change. Alison Hood plans to tackle her closets in San Rafael, California.

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