Like many young adult authors these days including Zoey Dean and Ann Brashares Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries, has expanded her reach into adult fiction. Cabot's light, humorous voice is just right for chick lit. In Queen of Babble in the Big City, Lizzie Nichols has moved to New York City following the European travels chronicled in her first adventure, The Queen of Babble. Unfortunately, she's jobless and apartment-less. Luckily, her boyfriend Luke (who happens to be the best friend of Chaz, her best friend Shari's boyfriend) has access to his parent's spacious Fifth Avenue digs while they're abroad. When he invites her to shack up, the living situation is solved; Chaz hooks her up with a receptionist job at his father's law firm, and voila! she has a steady paycheck.

But not all of Lizzie's problems are solved that easily. Doubts nag her about her future with Luke, and her receptionist job is hardly professionally fulfilling. What Lizzie really wants to do is custom re-design vintage wedding dresses for modern brides. It's great, then, when she talks her way into an apprenticeship at a mom-and-pop dress shop doing just that, but the store is in peril of closing. Lizzie may just be able to bring in a high-profile client, but will she be able to do the dress and save the shop? And, with Lizzie burning the candle at both ends by working at the dress shop and the law firm, where does that leave her relationship? If the ending seems a mite too swift and short, then that's surely a symptom of setting the stage for a sequel.

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