Former star NFL running back Jerome Bettis won a Super Bowl ring following the 2005 season, then bowed out of the game after 13 years of consistent excellence with the Rams and Steelers. Bettis is probably headed for the Hall of Fame, and since retirement has tried to make a go of it in broadcasting. The Bus: My Life In and Out of a Helmet is Bettis' life story, co-authored by Gene Wojciechowski, one of's better contributors. Essentially, this is a straightforward pro forma treatment, typical of the as-told-to sports genre. The prose isn't scintillating with Wojciechowski striving to keep his subject's conversational voice front and center but Bettis' tale of youthful behavioral struggles in Detroit (gangs, drugs) followed by college greatness at Notre Dame and his subsequently eventful pro career will doubtlessly rope in committed football fans.

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