Finally, we come to a book that may prove vital to football fans no matter which game (college or pro) is their main obsession. Stephen Linn's Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook: The Gear, the Food, the Stadiums is a handy, sturdily bound paperback catering to the needs of those who love football, but maybe love the cult of football even more. Tailgating isn't just about the game; it's about socializing, eating, drinking and joining in fanatical revelry. This omnibus tells you how to do it right at every NFL and major college venue nationwide. Linn, who has a franchise on this subject through his other books and TV appearances, provides coverage on the best tailgating equipment (grills, coolers, furniture, etc.), safety tips, recipes (some supplied by real-life tailgaters), fan gear and profiles of a few of the most tricked-out vehicles (buses, RVs, etc.) you'll ever see in a crowded game-day parking lot. The heart of the book is the listing of specific tailgating information for university campuses and pro facilities. Here we get history on teams and venues, pertinent contact information, radio affiliations, shuttle-bus schedules and, most importantly, the details on when and how tailgaters can do their thing and any restrictions they need to be aware of to pull it off with minimal interruption. Many of us simply are not tailgaters (too much hassle, too many logistics). But for those who are immersed in the art form, Linn's volume is a practical necessity.

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