<b>Sharon Creech's royally entertaining tale</b> Siblings Pia and Enzio have been slaving away for their master for years, dreaming of escape. Like most of the people in their village, they yearn to live beyond the banks of the Winono River at the Castle Corona, home to King Guido, Queen Gabriella and their children. This is not your typical royal family. They're spoiled, clueless and completely irresponsible, which makes them brilliantly funny characters. Living a starkly different lifestyle in the village below the castle are Pia and Enzio, a mysteriously beautiful pair whose admiration for one another is heartbreaking and lovely. Neither has any memories of their past, only that they've always been together. When returning home from fetching water one afternoon, Pia and Enzio find a leather pouch a pouch that changes their lives. Eventually, these two families, though living opposing lifestyles, help each other learn more about themselves through a series of comical scenarios. Sharon Creech, winner of the Newbery Medal for <i>Walk Two Moons</i>, creates an unpredictable storyline that emphasizes the importance of family whether you're royal or not. Although the exact location of the village and castle are never given, Creech writes poetic and mystical descriptions of these places, painting a charming and magical picture of faraway lands. Her writing creates a place of impossible beauty, a setting young readers will melt into.

<b>The Castle Corona</b> is a story of royal proportions, offering readers a unique take on a classic fairytale; lovable, fascinating characters; and an intriguing, spirited plotline.

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