What child hasn’t made a run for it when it’s time for bed? In Hide and Squeak, one mouse baby sends his daddy on a wild chase up, down and all around. No territory is left untouched: the garden, the sofa, the curtains—he even scurries mischievously up the lamp chain.

It’s all a good-natured romp, though, a merry game of hide-and-squeak. Father calls out a cheerful refrain: “Mouse baby, mouse baby, where can you be? / I can’t see you. / Can you see me? / It’s time for bed. / It’s time for sleep. / No more time for hide and squeak.” Though baby is clearly a “rascal” and a “scamp,” the affection between parent and child is evident. Author Heather Vogel Frederick employs easy rhymes to draw us into the game, and illustrator C.F. Payne’s delightful pen-and-ink drawings, colored with acrylics and colored pencils, create larger-than-life images of baby mouse and his father in gloriously colored two-page spreads.

Toddlers and preschoolers will find pleasure in the rhythmic pattern as this new bedtime favorite encourages mouse babies around the world to “wiggle a whisker / wiggle a tail” and hop into bed with a reassuring hug from loved ones.

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