Elvie Nara is a totally normal soon-to-be teen mom in the year 2074. She wants to colonize Mars when she grows up, she easily fixes the computerized cars that everyone drives, and she’s a devotee of old 20th-century flat pic movies.

Shortly after an encounter with heartthrob Cole leaves her pregnant, Elvie learns of the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers, a school in an Earth-orbiting cruise liner. Enrolling at Hanover for a year and then putting her baby up for adoption seems like the perfect plan. That is, until Elvie learns that her nemesis, Cole’s cheerleader girlfriend Britta, is also pregnant and will also be attending Hanover.

Sneaking onto the school’s observation deck one day with a pint of ice cream, Elvie is the first to see the arrival of a group of invading aliens. Their presence sets in motion a series of adventures that will take all of Elvie’s resourcefulness—and her sense of the absurd—to resolve.

Authors Martin Leicht and Isla Neal balance Elvie’s significant decisions about the future of herself and her baby with plenty of action, humor and interesting characters. This futuristic romp will delight readers and leave them anxiously awaiting the next book in what promises to be a fun, thoughtful trilogy.

Read an interview with Martin Leicht and Isla Neal for Mothership.

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