In Donor, the latest paperback from wizard plotter Charles Wilson, the author delivers another voyage inside the world of medicine that reads more like today's headlines than fiction.

Wilson returns again to Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in this spine-tingling book. Donor is a mixture of thriller, action-adventure, and mystery, which is only one of the many reasons why Wilson's readership is growing rapidly across genre lines.

Too many patients are dying inside the huge public hospital where the idealistic young doctor Michael Sims works as an emergency room doctor. When Sims watches a little girl's life ebb away despite the best that modern medicine can deliver, he becomes depressed about his choice of careers.

Across town, a popular and prominent Congressman dies, his skull shattered, but police investigators determine the death to be a suicide. Despite what they say, the Congressman's beautiful young daughter, Shannon Donnelly, stubbornly refuses to believe that her father took his own life.

With the stage set, Wilson skillfully plots to bring Donnelly and Dr. Sims together to uncover the truth about a medical experiment that utilizes nerve regeneration and organ transplants.

Along the way, Dr. Sims becomes the top contender for the dead Congressman's seat, thanks to a computer billionaire who wants to organize a group of national politicians to back his dream of a nationwide chain of medical research centers. And Shannon Donnelly finds herself on a path not only to find her father's killer but to save Dr. Sims as well. That path takes them into the deepest and darkest secrets of government and medicine where there are no volunteers, no donors, and where the pair discovers that death isn't the worst thing they have to fear. Being chosen is.

Wilson's next hardback book, Game Plan, will be released in January. ¦ Alice Jackson Baughn is a freelance writer in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

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