ÊWho has not experienced nights when their fears and insecurities, hopes and ambitions, as well as profound curiousities reach gigantic proportions? Stormy Night, written by Michele Lemieux, addresses this trait characteristic of both children and adults in a charmingly clever and engaging way. Through a young girl and her beloved companion Fido, we share the indirect path from going to bed to going to sleep. Beginning with, I can't sleep! Too many questions are buzzing through my head, the reader is taken on an adventure of thought-provoking questions such as If someone made a hole in the sky, would we see infinity? and When I dream at night . . . where am I? Also included are her doubts and fears. Is my whole life already worked out in advance?, I'm scared of being abandoned, and Will I know when it's time to die? are simply a few of the many heartwrenching and wonderful ideas posed by Lemieux.

Working in tandem with each question are the pen and ink drawings that create simple and imaginative landscapes. With one question and one drawing per page, the ideas are clearly presented and accessible to young readers. The illustrations are also quite humorous, appealing to a more mature audience as well. Stormy Night would be a highly effective tool for parents, counselors, pediatricians, and any other adult person working with children, teenagers, and young adults. Its handsome graphics command a place on any coffee table, and its contents will appeal and stimulate the philosopher in us all.

Using an endearing and delightful character, emotionally charged illustrations, and provocative inquiries into the mysteries of human thought, Lemieux bravely tackles issues and ideas that we all encounter but seldom share or express. Farrar Richardson writes and spends many stormy nights coaxing her own child to get some sleep.

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