Calling all BookPage-loving Nook owners!

As of today, BookPage is available on the Nook Newsstand. You can either buy the current issue (January 2012) for $3, or subscribe for $2.50 a month. If you subscribe, each new issue will be automatically delivered to your Nook. Best of all, BookPage for Nook is compatible with all Nook devices and apps (Nook, Nook Color, Nook for iPad, Nook for Android, etc.).

If you'd like a way to read BookPage on the go, this is a great way to do so—BookPage looks awesome on the Nook (if I do say so myself) and gives you an easy way to read the issue digitally.

Finally, if you're reading this blog, you probably don't need an introduction to BookPage, but here's our Nook blurb—just in case:

BookPage recommends the best new books for every reader, whether you're interested in literary fiction or history, romance or mystery, cookbooks or children's books. Each issue highlights more than 50 new releases, and contains author interviews, seasonal features, columns and dozens of book reviews that spotlight new discoveries as well as bestsellers. Tailored to the true booklover, BookPage is guaranteed to keep your "To Be Read" list full and provide plenty of ideas for your next book club pick.

Will you subscribe to BookPage through the Nook Newsstand? Happy reading!

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