When we last checked in with Leila Meacham she had just published Roses, her epic novel that spans 70 years in the history of the Toliver family, owners of a cotton plantation in Texas. That soapy saga had it all: death, love, backstabbing, a marriage of convenience, twists. I distinctly remember spending an entire Saturday on the couch in my PJs while I lapped up all the delicious drama (then wrote about it on the blog).

It's been two years since the publication of Roses, and I just learned some exciting news: Meacham has a new novel coming out on June 19! (You can go ahead and add that to my personal most-anticipated books of 2012 list.) The novel's called Tumbleweeds, and at 480 pages, I expect it to be just as juicy as Roses. Here's the plot description from Meacham's publisher:

Tumbleweeds is the story of three young friends—the saint, the sinner, and the angel—growing up together in the sort of small Texas Panhandle town that lives and dies by its Friday night football games. A fateful event casts a long shadow over these three intertwined lives and leaves the reader turning the pages desperately to see how it all plays out.

Will you read Tumbleweeds? What's your favorite epic novel?

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