Malcolm Gladwell, writer for the New Yorker and author of bestsellers The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers, will release a new book from Little, Brown in 2013. Its topic? Power.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Gladwell was vague on the specifics but said he is "very interested in the foibles of the powerful."

He also discussed the Occupy movement, one of the primary influences on this next book:

It's the beginning of something. It's the opening salvo. What they're tapping into is something very profound, which is a level of frustration, a genuine level of anger and frustration with the way our society is organized, and the imbalances in the economic inequality and the imbalances in power and the way that the political system has been hijacked by special interests. These are all, particularly in the United States, less so here, but these are all profoundly important issues that absolutely, I think, will find some more coherent voice. This is going to be going on for years. I think it's foolish to pass judgment on Occupy after six months.

Are you interested in Gladwell's take on power?

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