One of our picks in audio this month is The Nightmare by Lars Kepler, the pseudonym of a Swedish writing couple. This sequel to Hypnotist will not disappoint and the audio version only adds to the suspense (no skimming ahead or skipping to the end). Our reviewer writes:

Linna... is faced with two odd deaths: the drowning of peace activist Penelope Fernandez’s sister, found in dry clothes on an abandoned pleasure boat, and the suicide or murder of the overseer of Swedish weapons exports. As Linna begins to connect the deaths, he and his team burrow into a brutal world of political cover-ups and covert arms shipments directed by a merciless Italian weapons dealer who revels in the havoc, mental and physical, that he wreaks.

Even the book trailer is scary:

Will you check out The Nightmare? What other novels are keeping you up at night?

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