Clair Roth is a struggling artist who copies famous paintings for an online reproduction company to make ends meet. When a gallery owner promises to make her famous if she copies a certain painting for him she agrees, but there's a twist: the painting in question has been missing since 1990 when it was stolen in an art gallery heist.

Clair becomes suspicious about the painting's own legitimacy as she unearths secrets about the heist and the paintings origins that lead her to question the true value of authenticity in art.

My favorite thing about The Art Forger is its exquisite blending of fact and fiction. The gallery heist in the book is real, and B.A. Shapiro's extensive research of the event adds a realistic quality to this literary thriller.

Read our interview with Shapiro here and check out the trailer in which she talks about the origins of the novel:

Will you read The Art Forger? What other historical novels have caught your eye?

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