Readers, this is a bittersweet note. After writing more than 1,100 blog posts, discovering countless favorite new books and having the privilege to interview some of my very favorite authors, today is my last day at BookPage. I have loved talking books with so many passionate readers whom I have met through my work here, and it's been a privilege to come to work every day and get excited about books. I really am inspired by the people who read BookPage and The Book Case—especially those of you who read 15+ books a month! (And I know there are a lot of you out there.)

I think my favorite readers are the ones who have approached me over the last few years to say that a book they learned about in BookPage helped them cope with a tough experience, or inspired a great conversation. And I love hearing from people who go to the library on the first of every month to get their hands on a copy of BookPage. You make me smile!

And all of you grabbing (and dog-earring!) BookPage on the first of the month? That is totally going to be me in a few weeks, as I am moving from Nashville to Little Rock, Arkansas, where I will soon become a proud card-carrying member of the Central Arkansas Library System. After three and half happy years at BookPage, I am moving to a position at a magazine in Arkansas—though I fully expect to pop up in the comments here every once in a while. (I've taken a peek at some of the posts you can look forward to on the blog in the coming weeks—and some of the features in BookPage—and I know that we are all in for a treat.)

Thank you for letting me share my love of books on The Book Case. Happy reading!

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