Remember our February cover?

Of course you remember our February cover. Namely, you remember our February cover model and our not-so-subliminal suggestion to . . . read with him.

You would not believe the number of questions we got about this cover. So many, in fact, that we've considered a centerfold. (Kidding.)

Where did we find him? Did we get to go to the photoshoot? Does he work at BookPage? Sadly, no, no and no. While he was the first male model to be featured solo on the cover of BookPage, we did not get to throw a party and invite him. And he did not read to us aloud from our favorite book as we fell asleep.

Nevertheless, he will never be forgotten. And we're not the only ones who will forever cherish their time with the February issue. Elizabeth Timmins from Muehl Public Library in Seymour, Wisconsin, wrote us:

"BookPage is always popular with our patrons. But wow, did we ever get a ton of comments on the February 2013 issue because of the male model on the cover. In fact, we only had one copy left. We laminated the cover of that copy and have it posted in the women's bathroom. (We are a small library in a small community that has a great sense of humor.) I thought this might make you laugh. Have a great day!"

So for you lucky patrons in Wisconsin, using the restroom laminate means never having to say goodbye.

Any other BookPagers enjoy the February man candy? Share your stories in the comments below.

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