GulpHave you ever noticed that most people talk a lot about cooking but rarely discuss what our bodies do with those gourmet meals?

Mary Roach has, and she's taken on the digestive process in her new book Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, our April Nonfiction Top Pick.

From saliva to fecal transplants, Roach approaches her subject matter with the obsession of a scientist and as our reviewer suggests, the fascination of a teenager.

Our reviewer goes on to say this:

Roach... draws vivid if unorthodox comparisons (she likens a colonoscope to a bartender’s soda gun) and asks all the questions you’re too self-conscious to Google, plus others that have never occurred to you (can farts cure cancer?). Along the way she sneaks in sly critiques of bureaucracy, bigotry, animal cruelty and other less-than-noble human behavior. You may be grossed out, but you’ll also be impressed.

Read the rest of our review here and check out the amusing book trailer:

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