there will be a $75 collectors edition of Under the DomeWhile embargoes and strictly enforced publication dates are nothing new in the book world, Stephen King is trying something a little less common to generate excitement about his next novel, Under the Dome (which I gave a sneak preview of here). Note the "cover to be unveiled" notation on the current jacket. They weren't kidding. The actual cover for Under the Dome is going to be revealed in four stages over the next two weeks. The first element was released on Monday by Scribner and can be found here.

Scribner art director Rex Bonomelli says they found just the right designers to bring Chester's Mill to life on the cover: artists who had previously worked in commercial advertising. Watch their page for two more reveals on Sept. 25 and Sept. 28, culminating with the release of the One True Cover on October 5.

Early Word traced the origins of the "cover release" as a publishing event in a post today (the Harry Potter franchise was the first to blaze this particular trail, I think), wondering if the whole thing is just "silly." I suppose the announcement got Under the Dome another blog post or two...but overall it's the inside that counts for me.

Do you think this is a successful strategy for building excitement?

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