A post from the Author Enablers:
With more than 25 years of experience, Kathi Kamen Goldmark and Sam Barry have the inside scoop on writing and publishing. Together, they are the authors of Write That Book Already!: The Tough Love You Need to Get Published Now. Email them your questions (along with your name and hometown) about writing and publishing, and don’t miss their column on BookPage.com.

Dana Lynn Smith, also known as the Savvy Book Marketer, has published a new book of her own. Savvy Book Marketing Secrets: 52 Experts Share Insider Tips for Selling More Books, is offered as an e-book—nothing unusual there—but also with the provision that no one is allowed to buy or sell the book. If you want a copy, darn it, you have to spring for the free download.

Now why would any author in her right mind refuse to accept payment for a book? We can think of a few reasons. Savvy Book Marketing Secrets includes articles, many already published elsewhere, by pros in Dana’s wide circle of publishing contacts. As the Author Enablers, we contributed an excerpt from our own book, and we assume others have done the same. Dana compiled the excerpts into a comprehensive marketing guide for new authors. By offering the book for free she sidesteps the issue of purchasing the rights to pre-published material, and the headache of keeping track and making payments to her contributors. In this instance the opportunity for wide distribution and the networking support of fellow writers probably outweighs the small amount the book would bring in sales, once she’s paid everyone involved.

Now don’t get us wrong. We think writers should be compensated for good work, and we don’t know many people in a position to volunteer their services as a default. But in this case, a free e-book makes a lot of promotional sense, especially when you factor in the networking support of 52 well-connected pros.

Part of being an author is selling yourself and your books, and there are some great tips in this e-book on how to do just that. The Author Enablers are honored to be included in Savvy Book Marketing Secrets: 52 Experts Share Insider Tips for Selling More Books. Grab your free copy at http://bit.ly/SavvySecrets.

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