It's not usually newsworthy when someone as prolific as Jodi Picoult has a new book coming out. What is newsworthy is what Picoult's book will be about, since this author is known for tackling difficult issues relevant to current events in her page-turners.

If you finished Sing You Home and wondered what she'll write about next, we now have the answer, from the Simon & Schuster digital catalog.

The novel, which comes out on March 6, 2012, is called Lone Wolf. In the story, a father gets seriously injured and is comatose. His daughter wants to hold out for a miracle. His son wants to stop life support and donate his dad's organs. Who should get to choose?

Here's more from Jodi Picoult's website, where you can also find more information on the author's research and even read a short excerpt:

Lone Wolf looks at the intersection between medical science and moral choices. If we can keep people who have no hope for recovery alive artificially, should they also be allowed to die artificially? Does the potential to save someone else’s life with a donated organ balance the act of hastening another’s death? And finally, when a father’s life hangs in the balance, which sibling should get to decide his fate?

Tough ethical issues, family drama—sounds like classic Picoult. Needless to say, we can't wait.

Readers: Will you pick this one up next year? What's your favorite novel by Jodi Picoult? (I will always be partial to The Pact. A book mobile always visited the summer camp where I was a camper and counselor, and one year this novel was a hot commodity as it got passed from bunk to bunk—we even had read-a-louds on the tennis courts.)

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