Happy publication date to one of my favorite teen authors, Jackson Pearce! I got to know Pearce's work when her second novel, Sisters Red, was a top pick in BookPage.

To follow-up on BookPage's review, I did a Q&A with Pearce. Want proof that I actually read the book? See the photo on the right. (I have very few pictures of me doing what I do best—sitting around and reading books—so I cherish this one, which was randomly snapped on a friend's phone a year and a half ago.)

Sisters Red is a modern telling of Little Red Riding Hood, with a twist, and Sweetly, Pearce's new book, is a modern Hansel and Gretel—also with a twist (think werewolves). I interviewed Pearce about Sweetly at the American Library Association. Watch below for information on Pearce's inspiration, the book's memorable setting and why she loves libraries (please excuse the background noise . . . ALA can get rowdy!):

Any books coming out this week that you're especially excited about? Have you read any of Pearce's books?

If any fairy tale could get a modern twist, which would you like it to be (and who would you want to write it)?

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