Forgive the cliché, but it seems the one constant in the realm of publishing these days is change. Every day brings at least one new story about digital publishing and ereader technology, but today two especially interesting ones came to my attention.

Branded e-bookstores coming to Germany. One of the reasons independent booksellers have trouble breaking into the ebook market is a lack of branded eBookstores or e-readers. (OK, there's Google's eBookstore, which independent booksellers can use to create their own stores, but just try shopping there directly from your Nook or Kindle!)  A German company plans to help independent bookstores sell iRiver Story HD readers that are linked to their own eBookstores. Will it be a hit? Will there be a similar service stateside? I'm probably not the only one eager to find out. If your local independent bookstore sold a branded ereader, would you buy it?

Ask an author on your Kindle. Amazon has rolled out a new Kindle feature that allows you to ask an author questions about their book. The answers will appear on Twitter and on the author's Amazon page. Currently in Beta, the feature is only available for a handful of writers (photos here) but it has interesting ramifications for the business (and, possibly, for authors' productivity). So far, there haven't been many questions posted to the authors' pages, though I'm sure that will change. Whether the questions will be interesting to other readers or the authors themselves remains to be seen.

Anyone else a tech news junkie? What am I missing?

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